Synergy is at the forefront of healthcare communications.
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It’s all about understanding. Helping healthcare professionals, patients,
healthcare purchasers, policy makers and the pharmaceutical industry
understand each other better.

Understanding leads to better health and better outcomes for everybody.

What do we do?

We know healthcare

Our extraordinary people have exceptional skills and experience
and are dedicated to making your project a success.

We have the visionary creativity that you expect from a leader in
healthcare communications, delivering innovation, digital knowhow,
technical expertise and the latest in communications technology, to make your projects shine.

We can bring the ideas and approaches of our DDB colleagues around the world to your work,
tapping into the cutting edge of consumer communications.

Explore and see how Synergy can help you.

Designing a communications strategy

Communications that work  +—

Planning and creating effective communications is a fundamental skill at Synergy.
From core message development to choosing the right channel to get your message heard,
we know what it takes to deliver success.

  • Strategy planning and development
  • Core message development
  • Publication planning

Focus and clarity

Creating the messages that work  +—

Healthcare concepts may be difficult to understand, so clear and simple communication of complexity is vital.

We specialise in communicating an idea to get to the heart of the issue.

  • Creative medical writing
  • Digital animations
  • Graphical representation of complex concepts

Saying it in the right way

Say it in style  +—

How we communicate is as important as what we say and we’ll find the right tool for you,
whether it’s a cross-regional online event, a digital training portal or a new angle for
traditional channels.

  • Understanding of online and conventional publication opportunities
  • Creation of new digital channels
  • Live events

Spreading the word

Changing attitudes and behaviour  +—

Skilful medical education and PR changes thinking and changes behaviour.

Our medical education and public relations programmes have contributed to improving
outcomes in many different therapy areas.

  • Medical education
  • Delivery of CME accredited programmes (non-US only)
  • Public relations
  • Online training and educational resources
  • Internal industry training programmes

Working with leading opinion

Facilitating expertise  +—

Influential opinion changes views and communicating that opinion is a key skill set at Synergy.

Working with thought leaders around the world is part of our daily lives.

Whether it’s running an advisory board to gain expert insight or helping an expert presenter prepare for a live web event, influential opinion is in safe hands with us.

  • Engaging and interpreting expert opinion
  • Collaborating with thought leaders to educate
  • Designing and delivering live events

Improving health awareness

Raising the big issues sensitively  +—

Healthcare communication requires an informed approach.

With so many stakeholders involved in decision making, setting the tone and communicating with confidence is vital.

Our scientific expertise, experience of health, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems enables us to do just that.

  • Disease awareness campaigns, including rare diseases
  • Health economics awareness programmes


Understanding the public perspective

Everyone needs to know  +—

It’s not just healthcare professionals that need information and understanding – the public, patients, their families and carers are a vital factor in optimising health outcomes.

Through education programmes we get things across in a way that makes sense to everyone.

  • Patient education programmes
  • Family/carer support programmes
  • Support for genetic counselling
  • Public awareness campaigns
  • Collaboration with patient advocacy groups

A global view

Making things clear for everyone  +—

The world is becoming smaller and communication needs to respond.

Culture and language may change meaning and we appreciate what works well in one environment may fail in another.

With our hubs in London and Philadelphia, along with support from the DDB global network,
we have the global understanding needed to be successful.

  • Global strategy and communication programme design
  • Awareness of country-specific regulatory environments
  • Translation and adaptation for different environments


Do you want to join the Synergy team?  +—

Can you contribute an open mind, positive thinking and vibrant creativity to our passionate team?

Are you able to think your way around a challenge and inspire others with your new ideas?

Do you flourish under pressure, relish a variety of work and are ready to grow your outstanding talent working with true experts in the field?

Contact us to tell us about yourself.

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